Let’s get started

Welcome to Ladyparts blog! For women: thanks for being curious about your lady parts. If you’re male, thanks for being curious about the workings of ladies’ parts.

I know there is an abundance of information on the internet. I’m trying to gather information about us ladies, specifically about reproduction and pregnancy, and put it together – in a forum that’s easy to access, easy to relate to. My information is medically based (and I will try to cite sources whenever possible). Please, leave comments and ask questions! I’ll do the nitty gritty research and tell you what I find.

One disclaimer: there is no substitute for having your own doctor. Regardless of your age and needs, I encourage you to find an ObGyn you trust and love. The information here is just that – information. It should not, in any way, be construed as medical advice. It may be an adjunct to your medical questions and needs, but is in no one complete. You need to ask your doctor what’s right for you and your conditions. I cannot emphasize this enough. Medical advice needs to be individualized, and there is no way to do that through this forum.

Check out my “about me” page for more information and my contact information! I’m looking forward to this!!

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