When are you a fertility goddess

When I first became an obstetrician-gynecologist, my uncle gave me this statue head. “A fertility goddess” he said, “so you get more patients pregnant.” A sound business goddess!

Does she promote fertility? Well, the surrounding succulents are doing wonderfully, so she’s definitely on the right track.

Goddess in the garden, or not, your chances of getting pregnant each month can definitely be affected by how often you have sex and when you have sex. Topic for today:


The numbers are pretty simple.

In couples that have sex every day, the chance of getting pregnant in a single cycle (the woman’s menstrual cycle) is 37%. If you have sex every other day, 33%. If you have sex once weekly, 15%. These percentages have nothing to do with when you have sex, just how often you do the deed.

Also, semen quality is optimal when ejaculation happens more frequently than every 5 days. So yes, if you don’t have intercourse, your man needs to find another release at least that often to up the chances. He probably won’t mind those particular marching orders.

Tomorrow’s topic: When to have sex? Goddess says, “Now! Now!”

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