Predict the gender of your baby (Part 3)

To end my mini-series of gender predicting, I will provide you with list of the other ways to predict the gender of your baby: either from the internet ( has a list), or patients, or other reading. None of the below have been supported by studies … but are fun to try. No matter what, your odds of predicting the gender of your baby are always 50/50!

2012-10-13 14.48.21 blue flamingo

Skin changes:  Awful skin break outs means you are having a girl. Your baby fetus is “trying to steal their mother’s beauty”.

Cravings:  Sweet: girl. Sour and salty: boy.

Chinese gender calendar predictor: Enter you age and month at time of conception … and voila! you are told if it’s a boy or girl. Google this one.

Draino challenge test:
Mix your urine with Draino. Green: girl. Blue: boy.

Mayan calendar: Look at your age and the year at time of conception. If both are even or odd: girl. If one is even and other odd: boy.

Key test: Put a key in front of your pregnant belly and ask a friend to pick it up. If she picks it up by the narrow part: girl. Round part: boy.

Wedding ring predictor: Put your wedding ring on a string and hang it over your belly. If it swings back and forth: girl. Swinging in a circle:  boy.

Let me know if any of these “worked” for you!


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