Vaginal flora and native species

Vaginal flora and native species
Theodore Payne Foundation Nursery: California native species galore!

My husband and I trekked up to Sun Valley last week to visit the Theodore Payne Foundation nursery. Theodore Payne was a dude obsessed with California’s natural flora and fauna. He loved its native plants. After his death, a foundation continued to honor his commitment to wild flowers and native plants. They have a quaint little house with books and gifties and a great shea cream by Ron the Botanist (I’m a beauty product junkie, if you couldn’t tell by some of my posts!). They grow and sell indigenous plants with a beautiful and well stocked nursery. It’s worth a trip.

Native plants and natural flora thrive in their native environment. Ladies (and gents) have natural flora that lives on and in our bodies, thriving in their native environment too. An obvious place is the vagina (this one’s only for the ladies, of course). Millions of bacteria. All considered part of your normal flora. This is just one interesting fact about the vagina.

Below, 8 interesting facts about the vagina (etc), normal flora included!! Continue reading “Vaginal flora and native species”


There are thousands of aliases for our lady parts.



Lately I’ve been spending some time sorting through alternate words and nicknames for one specific lady part, the vagina.

It’s about time I share some of my favorites:

From the elegant:
Belle-chose (“pretty thing”)
Altar of Venus
Phoenix nest
Nature’s treasury
Fancy article
Cyprian fountain

To the sweet:
Honey pot

To the unappetizing:
Bearded oyster
Pink taco

To the slightly clever:
Pink fortress
Hippo’s yawn
Baby cannon

To the just plain lazy:

And then the old school …

I asked my mom for suggestions.

Her response: “Maybe I’m just old, but the only nickname I know is pussy”.

Green’s dictionary of slang (a great resource!)
Urban dictionary