Bartholin Glands: If your vagina is a clock, it’s 4:40 right now


Bartholin glands.  You probably will never hear about this lady part until there’s something wrong with yours. Continue reading “Bartholin Glands: If your vagina is a clock, it’s 4:40 right now”



Sex and the City repeats are on and this episode was yesterday. Don’t lie to me – you probably recognize this phrase! It’s only one of the best episodes (Carrie falls on her face during the fashion show).


Screen shot 2013-05-18 at 6.25.04 PM


Charlotte sees her obgyn for “burning, stinging, itching” and is diagnosed with vulvodynia. She is prescribed an antidepressant and goes on her way. When she’s explaining her diagnosis later – that her “vagina is depressed” – the ladies have no idea what she is talking about. but now you will