Migraine plus meds (birth control pills, to be specific)


You probably aren’t surprised to hear that patients mention headaches to me quite often. Several months ago, after a long and in depth discussion of birth control options with a patient who suffers from migraine headaches, I promised her a blog entry about the topic.  She was taking normal birth control pills (that contains both estrogen and progesterone, which we refer to as combined oral contraceptives, and I’ll just call “the pill” for the next of this post).  She suffered from migraines with aura and I told her to immediately stop her birth control pill and that she was never allowed to take them again because her risk of stroke was too high. In her years of taking the pill and having migraines with aura no one had ever counseled her like this. She was surprised. And disappointed. She had to stop her beloved pills?  She needed more convincing. This is what I told her: Continue reading “Migraine plus meds (birth control pills, to be specific)”