We’ll start with the blastocyst

Blogosphere, I am a new mom. I have become a reader of mommy blogs and mommy Facebook pages and mommy apps. I’ve made new mommy friends. I know and use a device called the snot sucker. I know what a DD is and a DH (darling daughter, darling husband). I know how hard breast feeding is (seriously, it’s really really hard).
I also want to throw in that this (the baby, not the breastfeeding) is the reason for my lack of recent posts.

At first, I would only refer to the pregnancy as a blastocyst. It gave me some distance and made me less anxious. I wouldn’t say the word embryo or fetus. These two little lines gave me a lot of anxiety. I worried that something would go wrong.


So let’s start with this worry: what is the chance a pregnancy will end in miscarriage?


Risk of Birth Defects

Hanging cacti lining the Lotusland property. The scientist in me thought they looked like chromosomes.

Ganna Walska Lotusland

Continuing from my last post, let’s talk about my blastocyst worries and congenital anomalies.

Congenital anomaly is medical jargon for birth defects. I separate “birth defects” into 2 different categories: genetics and anatomy.

For now, we’ll touch on the genetics part