We’ll start with the blastocyst

Blogosphere, I am a new mom. I have become a reader of mommy blogs and mommy Facebook pages and mommy apps. I’ve made new mommy friends. I know and use a device called the snot sucker. I know what a DD is and a DH (darling daughter, darling husband). I know how hard breast feeding is (seriously, it’s really really hard).
I also want to throw in that this (the baby, not the breastfeeding) is the reason for my lack of recent posts.

At first, I would only refer to the pregnancy as a blastocyst. It gave me some distance and made me less anxious. I wouldn’t say the word embryo or fetus. These two little lines gave me a lot of anxiety. I worried that something would go wrong.


So let’s start with this worry: what is the chance a pregnancy will end in miscarriage?