Gold medal syphilis status



syphilis billboard

California may be #2 for syphilis cases, but don’t let that silver medal status discourage you. There is plenty of syphilis to go around, especially in LA. Los Angeles County came in first place for the total number of syphilis cases reported from 2003-2012 for individual cities and counties.

Every day on my drive to work I see that billboard. Every day in my office a patient wants screening for sexually transmitted infections and asks about syphilis because they’ve seen the billboards too.

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Sexually transmitted infections


There seems to be an awful lot of unprotected sex going on. Recurring lapses in judgment. That little voice that says “wear a condom” was silenced by what? Alcohol (the usual suspect). The heat of the moment. Sometimes just embarrassment.

An irksome patient: Uses withdrawal as her form of birth control and comes to my office desperate for STI screening. Both situations could be remedied by using condoms. I tell her, first and foremost: USE A CONDOM (in this voice, too). IT’S IMPORTANT. Then the questions start. Here are the most common ones