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Sara Twogood, MD

Board certified OBGYN.
Women's health expert.
Co-founder Female Health Education Inc.
Writer of Dr. Sara Twogood's LadyParts Blog.
Demystifying complex health information in a way that supports you!

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I am a board certified OBGYN and Women's Health Expert at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles.

I completed my internship and residency at Los Angeles County and University of Southern California. Following residency, I held a faculty appointment at USC Keck School of Medicine and practiced general OBGYN in an affiliated private practice.
In 2019 I joined the multidisciplinary medical group with Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

My passion is educating the public about female health and wellness.
Dr. Sara Twogood's LadyParts Blog covers topics relating to fertility and pregnancy (and everything that comes before and after), and I am co-founder of FemEd, an educational platform designed to empower females through health education.



Consulting work 

I love working with companies to provide my expertise in women's health to their clients and users. 
My passion is promoting and demystifying health information. I strive to treat patients in the office using a holistic view of medicine and I approach my consulting work with the same goal. 
My favorite work has been as a medical expert for the popular fertility / period tracker app, Flo where I review material, create videos, and answer user questions. 
I'm also on the Byrdie Wellness and Beauty Review Board, reviewing online content, and I'm a medical expert for The Bump (a pregnancy website and app). I've been featured in The Dream and Her Story, Her Body podcasts. 

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Helping empower females through health education.

My longtime colleague and friend, Dr. Alyssa Quimby, and I have joined forces to bring Female Health Education to life. Our goal is to empower females through health education workshops and courses. 

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Prepare for a Health Pregnancy" launches

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