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Supplements. Potions. Lotions

Fatigue, weakness, headaches, irritability.  Sound familiar?   These are the most common signs of anemia. If you’re feeling these I’m not guaranteeing you are anemic. You may just be grumpy. Or stressed. Or not sleeping enough. Or depressed. But you can (and should) be checked for anemia through a simple blood test called a CBC […]

Anemia and iron supplements

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  My favorite view is from the Griffith Park Observatory but the only way to reach the sign is to hike (illegally, I may add) through some difficult terrain.  To stay true to your match.com profile where you met your spouse and swore you loved hiking you may be asking … is it safe to […]

Pregnant and Hiking to the Hollywood sign (or not)

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Night sweats and hot flashes. We’re talking drenched PJs, sheets, the whole works. And I’m not talking about menopause, although we have that to look forward to as well. I’m talking postpartum. About 30% of women will experience this joy (*sarcasm*). The symptoms will peak, on average, at 2 weeks postpartum and decline after, with […]

Postpartum night sweats and hot flashes. Sorry.

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Supplements. Potions. Lotions

  Phthalates – you may have heard this word floating around in environmental or health circuits. Nicholas Kristoff referenced them in a recent New York Times articles (here you go). When you’ve run across it, you may have ignored it, or maybe hesitated to learn more because it just looks confusing and scientific, or maybe […]

Phthalates phthalates everywhere

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Supplements. Potions. Lotions

I’ve seen a barrage of patients lately using CBD, or cannabidiol, for anxiety symptoms or as a sleep aid. Let me add here that these are NOT pregnant patients, and skip to the bottom if you want to see why you shouldn’t be using CBD while pregnant or breastfeeding. Simultaneously I started seeing CBD in […]

CBD – gospel or gimmick?

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My kids’ pediatrician meets with prospective new patient families during their pregnancy. A few weeks ago a woman asked: “what do you think about me wiping my vagina with a cloth and spreading it all over my baby’s mouth”. He knew she was talking about vaginal seeding but was surprised by the bluntness of her […]

Vaginal seeding – microbiome bloom or bust?

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Almost 9 out of 10 pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, yet it’s one of the most under treated diagnoses out there. Women chalk it up to “normal changes”, “to be expected”, a “sign that the pregnancy is normal”. There is some truth to these statements … but still. No one should […]

Morning sickness: 11 ways to feel better!

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Female Anatomy

Topic of the day: queefing. Almost sheepishly a patient asked: “how do I stop from queefing during yoga?” Surprising few patients ask me about queefing. Maybe women don’t know what to ask, or who to ask, or perhaps there’s some embarrassment involved (but give me a break! I hear lots of weird stuff. Don’t be […]

Vart, Queef, Vaginal Wind – same noise, different name

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Supplements. Potions. Lotions

Patient question of the day: how much cranberry juice do I have to drink to prevent a UTI? Notice the question is NOT: will drinking cranberry juice prevent a UTI? It is assumed that it will, and that I have the secret formula to give. Let’s see if I do …

UTIs and cranberry juice

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How well do your ovaries work? If I had an office visit FAQ, this would be at the top. Women – all ages, all sorts of relationships, all phases of their reproductive lives – want to know how their ovaries are doing. They want hormone tests. They want ultrasounds. They want it all. Should you […]

Are your ovaries workin’ it? How to tell (and why).

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Supplements. Potions. lotions


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