Morning sickness: 11 ways to feel better!

Nauseous me
Nauseous me

Almost 9 out of 10 pregnant women suffer from nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, yet it’s one of the most under treated diagnoses out there. Women chalk it up to “normal changes”, “to be expected”, a “sign that the pregnancy is normal”. There is some truth to these statements … but still. No one should have to suck up months of nausea and vomiting when there are some remedies to help you through!

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Vart, Queef, Vaginal Wind – same noise, different name

wind palm trees.png

Topic of the day: queefing.

Almost sheepishly a patient asked: “how do I stop from queefing during yoga?”

Surprising few patients ask me about queefing. Maybe women don’t know what to ask, or who to ask, or perhaps there’s some embarrassment involved (but give me a break! I hear lots of weird stuff. Don’t be embarrassed to bring me your weird stuff too!).

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