Are your ovaries workin’ it? How to tell (and why).

How well do your ovaries work?

A caterpillar workin’ it.

If I had an office visit FAQ, this would be at the top. Women – all ages, all sorts of relationships, all phases of their reproductive lives – want to know how their ovaries are doing. They want hormone tests. They want ultrasounds. They want it all.

Should you want it all too? Moreover, do you need it?

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Marijuana use and pregnancy. Green does not mean go.

Green light - 1
Mission and 1st and confused

I was taken aback by this stoplight the other day. Fallen over, still functioning, and confusing everyone who saw it. You have to pay attention – green does not always mean go.

Green does not mean go for pregnant women either, in a different way. Ohhhhh yes, we’re going to talk about that green.

We don’t really know how many women use marijuana during pregnancy … probably anywhere from 3 to 34%. Different regions have higher (helloooo Colorado) or lower levels of use, and women may be hesitant to disclose their use so we can’t get a proper count.

But we see the trend. More and more states are making it legal to use marijuana, both medically and recreationally.  As of late 2015, 23 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana.  Four of these states – Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado- have also legalized use of recreational marijuana. California keeps trying but failing.

But how safe is it in pregnancy?

There are no absolute answers, but a recently published composite review (yes, marijuana is getting press from all sides) assessed information from hundreds and hundreds of studies. They looked at risks and benefits for women using marijuana during pregnancy

Below, the quick and dirty:

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Vaginal flora and native species

Vaginal flora and native species
Theodore Payne Foundation Nursery: California native species galore!

My husband and I trekked up to Sun Valley last week to visit the Theodore Payne Foundation nursery. Theodore Payne was a dude obsessed with California’s natural flora and fauna. He loved its native plants. After his death, a foundation continued to honor his commitment to wild flowers and native plants. They have a quaint little house with books and gifties and a great shea cream by Ron the Botanist (I’m a beauty product junkie, if you couldn’t tell by some of my posts!). They grow and sell indigenous plants with a beautiful and well stocked nursery. It’s worth a trip.

Native plants and natural flora thrive in their native environment. Ladies (and gents) have natural flora that lives on and in our bodies, thriving in their native environment too. An obvious place is the vagina (this one’s only for the ladies, of course). Millions of bacteria. All considered part of your normal flora. This is just one interesting fact about the vagina.

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