About me


I’m a board certified obstetrician / gynecologist in Los Angeles. I love what I do. I love helping women navigate issues of sex, fertility, pregnancy, and everything before, after, and in between.

I’m a mom.  Two pregnancies and 3+ years of baby care down. Pregnancy and especially postpartum absolutely blew my mind. Before my own pregnancy, I was giving postpartum care packages as baby shower and delivery gifts to my friends along with at least a little postpartum advice from their ‘call me anytime’ OBGYN. Those packages focused a bit more on the medical practicality side of things and a little less on pampering…but it was the pampering (terrible baby pun there, sorry) that my friends responded to most. After my son was born and I experienced the remarkable challenges of postpartum firsthand, the idea for a postpartum care package – a collection of the very best of those products – coalesced. I named it Après Push and you can check it out at ApresPush.com. I love feedback and suggestions. Send them my way! And let your friends know too!

About my blog: I tell my patients, my friends, even strangers at dinner parties, the same particulars I write about here. I want to give you information, dispel myths, and make medical literature relevant to our day to day living. The medical information I give is from medically sound and reliable sources. No fake news or magical thinking here.

If you want to see me in person:

I’m an OBGYN with Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California (USC). My office is located next to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downtown Los Angeles. My patients deliver their babies there. It’s a wonderful hospital – great nurses, great care, and of course, great doctors! I’d love to see you! You can call my office for an appointment: 213.241-7250. Email is Sara.Twogood@med.usc.edu (I’d love to hear from you, but please schedule appointments through my office and I reserve giving any real medical advice to women who are my patients).


And here’s my disclaimer – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO READ!!

I’m giving you medical information. That doesn’t mean you should apply it to yourself. None of this information is intended to substitute for medical advice. Do not rely on this medical information to diagnosis, prevent, or treat yourself. These are my professional, independent opinions. They do not represent the opinions of USC.


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Rebeca

    Hi Doc, I tried to make an appointment with you this afternoon and it seems the answering service is not working. First, i requested an apt online and someone called me back with a number to call (323) 361-6070. When I call that number, the option for making apt is option 5 but when you hit 5 it says it’s not an available option! so I hit 3 and it sends you to (562) 698-0017 which turns out to be someone’s private number?! I also tried by calling 1800-USC-CARE and your name did not come up on the system. So I thought I’d let you know that it’s almost impossible to make an apt with you.

    1. Hi Rebeca
      I am so sorry for your trouble. The first number: 323 361 6070 is the office phone number. When the office is closed the calls go to our answering service, and they defer appointment making to when the office is open. I will investigate why my name did not appear for 1800 USC CARE. I would love to see you in our office. Please call Monday during the day (9-5pm, closed for lunch) to speak with someone who can make you an appointment. If you prefer, send me your phone number, and I will have the office return your call.
      Thanks for reading and for letting me know the above problems!

  2. Katya Hancock

    Sara this blog is so good! You’re a great writer. I’m not even trying to get pregnant yet but will be in a year or so probably and just read a ton of your posts. So informative and also entertaining. Nice work!

  3. Maria

    Dr. Twogood, I have been trying to find contact information to make an appointment with you but to no avail. Please contact me or let me know where I can reach you!!

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Maria,
      My office contact info is in the “about me” section! You can call (323) 361-6070 and ask for an appointment with me (call between 8-5 M-F, closed for lunch from 12-130).
      Hope to see you soon!

  4. Jessika

    I tried to make an appt to see you today, but was informed that you have left USC. They said your new practice would be posted online but I can’t seem to find it.

    1. Hi Jessika! Thanks for reaching out. I am starting at Cedars Sinai in September (taking an extended vacation from now until then!). My contact information for Cedars should be available online in late August / early September. If you can check back then, they should be able to assist you with making an appointment with me! Thanks and have a nice summer!

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