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About me

I’m a board certified obstetrician / gynecologist at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles.

The goal of this personal blog is to help educate, dispel myths, and make medical literature relevant to our day to day living. The medical information I give is from medically sound and reliable sources. No fake news or magical thinking here. I tell my patients, my friends, even strangers at dinner parties (yes, they ask!), the same information I write about here.

Contact information:

I’m an OBGYN with Cedars Sinai Medical Group in Los Angeles and I see patients at my office in Los Feliz. I have limited new patient slots and you can call my office for an appointment: (310) 423-1224.

Email is Please contact me here if you or your company is interested in working with me. I cannot and will not respond to emails from current or prospective patients – please contact my office for information regarding requests for appointments, insurance information, and any other medical care related questions (if you’re already a patient of mine, log in to your CS Link account to connect digitally).

And here’s my disclaimer – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO READ!!

I’m giving you medical information. That doesn’t mean you should apply it to yourself. None of this information is intended to substitute for medical advice. Do not rely on this medical information to diagnosis, prevent, or treat yourself. These are my professional, independent opinions. They do not represent the opinions of Cedars Sinai.


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I cannot respond to patient inquiries (insurance, scheduling, requests for appointments) or requests for medical advice. 
You can contact my office at (310) 423-1224 for more information, or, if you are an existing patient, message me through your patient portal.

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